Thursday 11 June 2015

MooseHead Products

Hey everyone :)

I was in Tesco a month or so ago ... I went for something to eat and somehow found myself in the cosmetic/body aisle. I saw they had some new hair products in the men's section so I thought I'd pick them up.

moosehead hair wax shoutjohn

The company is called 'MooseHead' and you can find them HERE on their website and on Facebook HERE.

The company was started about 10 years ago in Melbourne, Australia when they realised that there was no real product aimed/targeted towards the 'urban guy'.

MooseHead currently has 7 'hair' products available in 100g or 40g sizes:

- Defining Paste
- Hard Core Wax
- Shaping Dough
- Forming Wax
- Hard Wearing Fibre
- Gritty Styling Clay
- Grubby Putty

I managed to get my hands of 3 of them which you can see above.

Firstly we have the 'hard core wax' which is really strong and kept my hair up all day. It does also have a little shine to it too which I liked ... but not a greasy shine as that just puts me off ... I don't want people thinking my hair is greasy! The wax seems quite stiff when touched but it does soften once you get some on your hand.

Secondly we have 'grubby putty' - I love this wax ... firstly it smells of bubblegum - who doesn't love the smell of bubblegum? It's very soft and easy to apply. It also doesn't leave your hands sticky which is a huge plus in my books! This wax is more aimed at messy styles - like the bed-head look.

Thirdly 'hard wearing fibre' smells like lime and coconut - which I don't even think is in the ingredients but that is what I think I can smell. This wax is good for styling and shaping hair and providing long lasting hold. It's also easy to wash out.

Have you come across MooseHead? Have you tried any of their waxes, body products or facial products? Let me know in the comments.

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