Wednesday 17 June 2015

The Tea Tag

Hey everyone :)

the tea tag shoutjohn

If there is one thing that is a constant in my life it's my morning cup of 'wake-me-up' tea that I get as soon as I get into work every morning at 04:55 (yes AM!).

So when I came across the 'tea tag' I knew I had to do it ... I thought I'd spice things up so Dave (the boyfriend) is going to answer the questions too.

Q1. Hot or cold?
J: hot - it's cold in England - why would I drink hot tea cold?!
D: hot - cold tea is horrible.

Q2. Strong or weak?
J: strong - I normally leave the tea bag in.
D: in the middle - not too strong but not too weak.

Q3. Loose leaf or tea bag?
J: tea bag - loose leaf is too much effort!
D: loose leaf - it's nice to do it yourself and its posher (yes he actually said that) :S

Q4. Do you buy your tea or steep at home?
J: I normally buy a random cup of tea when I'm out, but normally I drink it at work.
D: I steep at home as when I'm out I normally buy coffee, never tea.

Q5. Favourite cold tea?
J: Starbucks Mango Passionfruit Blended Juice Drink (there is some tea in there somewhere).
D: Lipton Iced Tea

Q6. Favourite hot tea?
J: Starbucks Awake English Breakfast Tea
D: Normal, plain english breakfast tea (that's because I made him choose one) otherwise anything!

Q7. When do you like to drink your tea?
J: Just as I get into work before I get to the office I head to the kitchen and make a cup of tea.
D: I'll drink it whenever - if I had to choose morning time when I wake up.

Q8. What do you like in your tea?
J: I'm simple - milk, no sugar.
D: You should know that! Milk, no sugar too!

Q9. Have you always liked tea?
J: Yes, since I can remember anyway. I think I liked it cold when I was younger.
D: Yes I think so ... 

Q10. What tea do you recommend?
J: I really love the Starbucks Awake English Breakfast Tea (this isn't a sponsored post lol).
D: I've recently tried (and love) the Orange Pekoe tea.

Q11. Do you have a favourite brand of tea?
J: (again not sponsored) but Starbucks tea is my absolute favourite at the moment.
D: Anything - I'm not picky like him (meaning me).

Q12. Least favourite tea?
J: Not a fan of earl grey tea - yuck!
D: fruit tea - they are really deceiving - they smell nice but taste of nothing!

Q13. Is there a particular snack/food you like to eat with your tea?
J: I normally have cereal with my tea or at the moment I love TUC biscuits.
D: Normally a chocolate digestive biscuit.

Q14: What is your favourite mug?
J: I like big mugs (like those massive ones from the TV show 'Friends').
D: I'll drink out of anything - I don't really have a favourite mug - a mug is a mug :/ (he's boring!)

and that folks ... is the tea tag! 

Let me know what you think and if our answers are similar/the same.

I got the tag/questions from Scola Dondo's YT channel - which you can check out her video of the tag HERE and the questions are in her description too :)

If you are reading this then I tag you - feel free to do the tag and let me know you have done it - tweet me or leave a comment with the link to your post! 

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