Wednesday 12 November 2014

iPhone 6

Here it is ... taaaaaa daaaaaaa

iphone 6 case white shoutjohn

For those of you who follow my blog and read everything I ramble on about - you will know that my upgrade for my phone was due. I am/was with O2 however their signal strength over the past year has gotten worse and so I decided to move to Vodafone whose signal strength is amazing ... well so far. I've only had the phone a couple of week (but no issues yet).

I realise that there is probably thousands and thousands of reviews on the iPhone 6 but I don't care. This is my review and as I've mentioned before - I'll look back on these blog posts in a couple of years and be like 'oh yeah I forgot that' :)

Anyway on with the review...

Once you open the box ... you are greeted with the phone on top. Bear in mind I had already opened and taken the plastic from the top of the phone so there is normally a plastic cover around the phone. Also be careful when opening the box and ensure you don't shake or yank the lid off - I've seen videos on YouTube where some people are that excited they drop the phone out the box onto the pavement and it shatters - they only just bought the phone! I would cry!

iphone 6 open box

Underneath the phone ... we have the usual accessories - new headphones (love these), new USB cable and UK plug. You also get the little pack with the key for the sim card and some information about the iPhone and the usual apple stickers.

I thought I'd pop some pictures of the phone itself ... 

Side view ... as you can see the power button is on the side now (due to the size of the phone you can't really reach the top anymore. The sim card slot is also located here like before (so no change there).

Another side and back view ... as you can see we have the camera and flash like similar iPhone cameras however the camera on the iPhone 6 and (plus) comes out of the phone slightly. Which means the phone doesn't lay flat when on the table.

Sorry about the tardyness quality of the photos and the lighting. I had just gotten the phone and was more excited playing and using it than taking pictures.

Obviously the iPhone 6 comes with iOS8 (I had to update as there had been two releases since the phone was made (no biggy). So if you had/have already updated your iPhone to the new operating system then this will be no different for you. 

Overall really happy with the phone. I feel now that I've used it for a couple of weeks - I can definetly say that the battery life has improved drastically. My phone lasts more than two days now and that is using Spofity most of the day, watching several YouTube videos, texting on iMessage and Whatsapp and checking the usual social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc etc).

Hope you enjoyed the post and video :) Let me know what you think!

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