Friday 14 November 2014

Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn

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Have you ever had some popcorn ... and really enjoyed it ...

Well you've never tasted Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn then ... as currently that is all I can eat! To hell (excuse my language) with all the other popcorns I've ever ate as this company beats them all!

I was in Milton Keynes SnoZone (Tweet them here: @SnozoneMKa few weeks ago with a friend and we decided to stop and grab a coffee and a snack. We ended up with a couple bags of Chocolate Crackle Topcorn by Metcalfe's and it was amazing. It was popcorn but drizzled with a crunchy chocolate-caramel glaze!

For some people its quite odd to grasp the idea that popcorn doesn't have to be just salty or just sweet and that you can get lots more flavours now - compared to a couple of years ago. I will admit I was rather reluctant when I first started seeing different flavoured popcorns on the shelves to even try them as salted popcorn is/was my favourite and that's what I'd grown up with.

We enjoyed the popcorn that much that I sought our their website and purchased a mixed box of their different flavours and a further box of 12 Chocolate Crackle flavour.

I ordered the multi-flavoured box which came with:

> Clic Sargent Salt x2
> Sweet 'n Salt x2
> Sweet Cinnamon Spice x2
> Wasabi Glaze x2
> Heat 'n Sweet x2
> Chocolate Crackle x2

We also did order a 12 pack case of the Chocolate Crackle - but can't find it on their website at the moment (possibly out of stock).

popcorn metcalfes skinny topcorn

Clic Sargent Salt
Very salty - however I love salty food so really enjoyed this. I would say some people might find it too salty but maybe not ... each to their own.

Sweet 'n Salt 
I like the idea of this flavour - you get a bit of salt, then a bit of sweet. It reminds me sometimes when your at the cinema and you get a bit of sweet in your salty popcorn by mistake.

Sweet Cinnamon Spice
The cinnamon reminds me of Christmas and the popcorn was quite sweet - I enjoyed the popcorn!

Wasabi Glaze
I wasn't too sure about this flavour - it's like mustard but quite hot.

Heat 'n Sweet
This one was really hot too and it kept catching the back of my throat when I ate it. However that didn't stop me, however not my favourite.

Chocolate Crackle
By far my most favourite - the first one I tried and I'm glad I did - its amazing! Love the chocolate and the crunch you get when you eat it.

They also have a range of corners and corncakes which you should also check out!

You can check out their website here: or send them a tweet: @MetcalfesSkinny.


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