Monday 29 December 2014

My Moments of 2014

Hi everyone :)

moments of 2014

So I noticed that my blog is lacking the personal-life touch. So I thought I'd share some lovely (and not so lovely) moments from my life from the last year ...

I would like to point out that even though the 'moment's might seem odd/pointless/stupid - they mean something to me and so that's why they are a 'moment' :)

December 2013
> I got my car on Christmas Eve (best present ever)
> Many, many Nandos
> London, baby - who doesn't love a trip to London
> I bought myself a MacBook
> Dave posting my Christmas cards without stamps - horrified doesn't even describe it!

January 2014
> Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft!
> Kings Langley sign changed to Kings Landing for GoT - had to check that shit out.
> O2 Advisors scaring me telling me 'the world is better with beautiful people like me'
> Dave's birthday - a highlight of the year - as was the curry we had with friends.
> Lots of cooking at home - esp Chicken in a garlic sauce :)

February 2014
> More Nandos
> I was introduced to the Waffle House in St. Albans
> I discovered Cannonball by Lea Michelle
> Spent most of the month looking for a driving instructor
> My Facebook Movie came out << not worth watching!

March 2014
> I eventually (after waiting) found out what April said to Jackson in Grey's Anatomy
> Dave went on a 8 day holiday snowboarding - so naturally I was excited when he came home
> I spend most of the month watching Pokemon on Netflix (the old one with Ash & Pikachu)
> Yogscast released 'Moonquest' I played it constantly for the next 2 months
> Someone hit my car - picture an 'unamused' me!

April 2014
> Went to my first Starbucks Drive Thru in Milton Keynes
> Went and saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier - meh!
> Bought myself a new desktop so Minecraft wouldn't be slow
> Enjoyed a great night with friends for Kat and Gareth's joint Birthday!
> Spent months and months walking home from work in the dark - scary!

May 2014
> Spiderman 2 made me cry in the cinema (not afraid to admit it - I mean you heard her neck snap)
> Planned to go golfing - didn't happen - ended up going to Southend to the beach
> Went to Scotland (annual trip home to see the parents and be lectured on eating properly)
> Another highlight - went to Edinburgh castle with Dave (hadn't been there since I was about 7)
> Bought Cards Against Humanity - one of thee best games I have ever played

June 2014
> Went strawberry picking - so much fun
> Most importantly - I created this blog ( and bought the domain
> I ranted about shag bands (or looms) coming back into fashion all of a sudden
> I discovered 'Once Upon A Time' and spent most of the month catching up on it
> I passed my driving test!

July 2014
> Diggy Diggy Hole was released by The Yogscast
> I got to play the Destiny Beta Build :)
> Enjoying a BBQ at Dave's, then it rained so we build a tent and hid under it.
> Many sleepless nights because it was soooooooooo hot!
> Going to see Guardians of the Galaxy - defo one of my favourite movies of the year!

August 2014
> I went through my grapefruit for breakfast phase
> I got myself some glasses
> Robin Williams died - which was pretty sad as I love alot of his films
> Went to Liverpool with work to count and count and count - argh!
> Making lots of different shortbread because it kept turning out wrong

September 2014
> I bought myself an (expensive) camera so I had good pictures on my blog
> iOS 8 was released
> The Scottish Independence vote - yay! I'm not an immigrant.
> I started listening to Joni Mitchell
> I started making videos for YouTube

October 2014
> New vampire diaries came out
> I bought some non-stick baking trays (any food blogger will understand this)
> Got my iPhone 6
> I dyed my hair red
> I discovered Muller After Dinner Mint yohgurt

November 2014
> We found out who Missy was in Doctor Who
> Loved the song 'These Day's by Takethat
> Amazed by the article about how if you make a circle a cat will get in it and not leave
> Looking forward to the Cinderella film that comes out next year after watching the trailer
> Taylor Swift's 1989 album was released - constant repeat (office workers not happy)

December 2014
> We had a great work meal night out for Christmas (much better than last year)
> Sadly (not a great moment) my Nana passed away
> My birthday (I turned 24) - spent it with Dave (which was great)
> Dave left and went to Canada (not a great moment)
> My car got its first service.

So that's an entire year with the best and worst moments. Looking over it - it doesn't seem that crazy. But I've had a great year I think, apart from December - which saw the loss of my Nana and Dave leaving to go to Canada but I'm getting on with my life and can't wait for next year - to see what it brings.

Let me know if you do something similar on your blog or if you have something like this already as I'd love to give it a read!

If I don't get a chance to say this hope you all did have a good year and have some great memories that will last with you :)

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