Saturday 27 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

Hey everyone :)

christmas tag

This post and video might be too late for Christmas - it's currently Christmas Day but I'm not planning on releasing the video until Saturday (which is the 27th).

So, the title probably gives away what the post is going to be about ... I was reading through blogs on Bloglovin and came across a blog and she had done the Christmas Tag post. This was way back in November. I've been trying to find the blog and post so I could link her here but I can't seem to find her blog again. #sadface

Basically - there are a list of questions about/to do with Christmas and you answer them. I thought it would be a great post to do around Christmas. I also had the great idea to turn it into a YouTube video too - cos who doesn't love a good old festive YouTube video.

Let us begin with the questions:

Question 1: What is your favourite Christmas movie(s)?
A very hard question to answer - I recently (today is was) released a post on my Top 5 Favourite Christmas Films - you can check it out here. But to answer the question - my favourites (yes I have more than one) are: Love Actually, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Family Stone, Christmas with the Kranks and The Holiday.

Question 2: Do you open your presents on Xmas Eve or Xmas morning?
My mum and dad were strict with us when it came to Christmas presents - so I can't actually remember any Christmas where we opened presents early. We always opened the on Christmas morning.

Question 3: Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
When we were younger and I lived at home with my parents - we have opened all our presents and my mum asked my brother and me to go get a bin bag so we could put all the opened wrapping paper into it - so we went through to the kitchen, then to our back porch (where the backdoor, washing machine, fridge, tumble dryer was kept) to get the bin bag and we noticed two presents on the floor. They were Gameboy Colours for us - mum still maintains to this day that Santa left them by mistake (but we were allowed to keep them).

Question 4: Favourite Festive Food?
I'd have to be predictable and say chicken or stuffing - just Christmas food in general.

Question 5: Favourite Festive Gift?
Now I can't remember if this gift was for Christmas or my birthday but it doesn't matter. Dave got me a Links of London bracelet as a present and it was the Limited Edition Wimbledon one (the purple and green coloured one) and I really liked it. Work happened to send me to another depot for a week or so and I somehow managed to loose it in the bedsheets << not a happy bunny, nor was Dave but he got me another as a replacement (not the same one) but still a really nice one.

Question 6: Favourite Festive Scent?
I love the cinnamon and apple smells. I have a Glade candle I got from Dave and it smells amazing. Also love the smells of Christmas dinner cooking. Also (american pie moment) the smell of warm apple pie just our the oven.

Question 7: Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Not really we did what most kids did - we put out a carrot for Rudolph and left some cookies and milk for Santa. We sometimes (not all the time) watched a movie or something after we'd eaten - normally Titanic.

Question 8: What tops your tree?
We had this really old angel. I think it was a heirloom or was passed down through the family - not sure but mum always told us to be careful with it so I assume its precious or delicate.

Question 9: As a kid what present did you always ask for but never get?
A puppy! My little brother and I always asked for a dog. I can't remember a Christmas where we didn't ask for one. We never did get one as my mum hated dog hair (or I think that was the reason) plus mum and dad always worked and my brother and me were always at school - so it wouldn't have been fair on the dog. It was okay though as my Aunty had dogs most of her life and so I spent lots of time with her so I kinda grew up with her dogs.

Question 10: What's the best part about Christmas?
The food? The presents? The smells? - Are these bad answers. I know lots of people say family. Which yeah of course - that is a given. But I wouldn't say I'm terribly close to my family - so there are different things in my head - possible getting presents cos I know lots of love and thought went into choosing them, spending time with Dave (when he is here) and chilling out and relaxing as its the only real day our work is closed (we're a 365 24/7 business - the only day we are closed is Christmas Day)

I hope you enjoyed the post and the video.

Let me know if you had a similar post or video as would be cool to read it.

Hope you guys all had a great Christmas!!

Lots of love!

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