Wednesday 11 November 2015

#BEDN | Family

Hey everyone :)

I'm a day late again with #BEDN as I've been busy work and Destiny (a game I place on the PS4).

Today's (or yesterday's topic) is 'Family'.

I grew up in a loving family-orientated home - you know the dinner round the table, the curfew when the street lights came on, a big family - lots of grandparents and great-grandparents. Both my mum and dad had about 6 or 7 brothers and sisters so we had plenty of cousins to play with growing up.

I moved out when I was about 18 and I have lived on my own/shared accommodation since then and I wouldn't look back. Since moving to England nearly 4 years ago I have only seen my parents a handful of times but I still manage to chat to my mum on the phone once or twice a week so that makes up for it. I try and get home once a year but sometimes it's hard - plus its about 300 miles.

Here is some pictures I have ... they are a bit outdated but still thought I'd share them:

(from left to right): Xena (cousin), Christopher (my brother), Margaret (my late Nana), John (me), David (cousin)

My Dad & Mum (taken 2013 on the London Eye)

Dave & Me (taken 2013 on the London Eye)

We're not technically 'family' but having been together for nearly four years ... we are our own kind of family I suppose.

Let me know in the comments what you think 'family' means ... for me it's love and caring!!

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