Wednesday 4 November 2015

Girl Online (2) On Tour | Zoe Sugg

Hey everyone :)

If you remember last year I reviewed Zoella's (or Zoe Sugg) book: Girl Online. You can check that post out HERE. If you recall there was lots of talk about it because it came around that the book was ghost written by someone else and not Zoe - which made some people angry because they felt they had been mislead - I won't go into it ... You probably heard about it or didn't hear about it ...

So when she announced her second book and that she would be writing this all herself - I thought I might as well order it because I did actually enjoy the first book and I wanted to find out what happened with Noah and Penny.

So when pre-ordering on Amazon opened - I ordered the book and forgot about it - I think it was around the start of the year. Then a few weeks ago a package appeared on my door step and I couldn't think what it was as I had ordered it so long ago.

After opening it - I instantly remembered and was excited. I on/off watch Zoe's vlogs and if I had been watching her channel I would have seen she was talking about it ... but anyway...

I don't want to ruin the book for anyone that hasn't read it yet so don't worry there are no spoilers.

The book is around £6 on Amazon (obviously the price may fluctuate). Overall it was a very enjoyable book although I thought the plot was very predictable ... but saying that I am 25 (nearly) and this book is aimed at more teenage girls (who maybe haven't read as much as me).

Let me know if you've bought the book and what you thought ...

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