Thursday 5 November 2015

Christmas Lush | 2015

Hey everyone :)

I planned to write this post last night before I went to bed but sleep got the better of me and I my bed was so inviting that I gave in and jumped into bed. I did take the pictures though which I suppose saves me lots of time.

I went crazy this year and spend lots on some Lush products - I won't go into detail as that's pretty boring.

Here is everything I bought:

Baked Alaska
Very colourful and bright - very citrusy thanks to the grapefruit oil - which is a really great 'wake-up' scent. The soap also has ylang ylang oil which leaves your bathroom smelling amazing - some might say overpowering but if you want your bathroom smelling like a Lush shop then this is the way to go :)

Cranberry Festive Face Mask
Without a doubt you can tell it's made with Cranberries when you open the lid. This is a fresh face mask (so be sure to keep it refrigerated) - I forgot and left it in the box the entire time and had to throw it out :( This is a very beneficial face mask - cranberries are full of antioxidants, fresh fennel which cleanses and brightens, argon oil - again which contains antioxidants and helps repair - so you can't say it doesn't do anything. 

Dashing Santa
I featured this bath bomb in last years post and I absolutely love it. It leaves your bath a lovely red-heart colour and it just looks so inviting. It contains bergamot oil and mandarin oil which are both citrusy so reminds you of that smell left on your fingers and in the air when you eat an orange/tangerine. Lush mention it reminds them off stocking fillers and when you get them in your stocking. 

Fairy Dust
I don't think I purchased this last year (or maybe its new) I did purchase the white version 'First Snow' because it was white and a bit more 'manly' shall we say. This version is a pink colour and is called 'Fairy Dust'. Not entirely sure if there are any benefits to using this other than making your skin look sparkly and smell amazing! I can't pinpoint the smell - I looked through the ingredients but they weren't much help. It reminds me of the Snow Fairy shower gel they have too.

Golden Wonder
Another one I featured last year ... this is a very popular bath bomb amongst the Lush community. Like normal you pop it in the bath and it'll fizz away and as soon as the water eats away at the outer shell it releases the lovely colour held inside and turns the bath a lovely ocean blue colour with golden shimmer on top. The bath bomb contains lime oil which is uplifting and protecting and sweet orange oil which is refreshing and uplifting so again another citrusy product (I'm not complaining) - it's one of my favourite smells. I do find these types of products are great in the morning when you get out of bed as a citrus smell is a 'wake up' smell (or so I think anyway).

Holly Golightly 
Moving on to a bubble bar now (these are the ones you crumble into the bath under the running water). As you can see in the picture I lost one of my berries - I think its somewhere in the packaging box but I gave up looking. The bubble bar is quite large (the picture doesn't do it justice) and I do think if you want to save it -it can do 2 baths. This turns your water a lovely green/blue colour and contains lots of Christmasy smells such as: patchouli oil which gives a lovely exotic, earthy aroma, persian lime oil which is uplifting, protecting and refreshing (and citrusy - yay!) and clove leaf oil - which is warming and stimulating and gives that cinnamon smell which is just Christmas all over.

Old Father Time
The smell of this soap reminds me of my Grampa - it's a very old smell - not saying that's a bad thing. The soap contains a fresh sage and thyme infusion which has antiseptic properties, redcurrants which are tangy and fruity and give the festive feel. I think the 'old smell' I'm smelling comes from the myrrh resinoid which is precious and aromatic and opoponax oil which has sweet balsamic notes.

Reindeer Rock
I really love the smell of this soap bar. It reminded me of the berry hubba bubba. The soap contains lingonberry infusion which is uplifting and full of antioxidant properties and cassie absolute which is comforting and fruity. 

Rose Jam
This shower gel is an amazing crimson pink colour and smells of roses and vanilla. It contains rose oil which is balancing and restorative, argan oil which gives the body the conditioning it needs and goji berry juice and sicilian lemon juice which cleanses and brightens.

Salt & Peppermint Bark
This is a shower scrub and the first one I have ever ordered from Lush. I stayed away from them last year as I wasn't familiar with them or what they were. The scrub contains sea salt which scrubs the skin and leaves it feeling soft, also fair trade organic cocoa butter and cupuaca butter which leaves the skin lovely and soft too. The scrub also has peppermint oil which gives the Christmasy feel.

Santa's Belly
I ordered the Batwing (shower jelly) from the Halloween collection and really enjoyed it so I ordered this from the Christmas collection when I placed my order. Shower jellies are weird and wonderful at the same time. The product contains star anise infusion which gives it that warm spicy aroma, bergamot oil which has the citrusy smell, vegan red wine which is rich and fruity and fresh apple juice which is nourishing and refreshing. It is also a lovely red colour and has little stars in it - what more could you want from a jelly?!

Shoot For The Stars
This is another favourite of mine - after you've added it to the bath and let it work its magic - it leaves the bath a lovely dark blue with swirls and sparkles of colour all over. This is a very citrusy bath bomb containing brazilian orange oil which is refreshing and rejuvenating and bergamot oil which is uplifting and cleansing. 

I really enjoyed using this soap - if you love the smell of almonds or marzipan then you'll love this soap. If honest I really wanted to eat it - but you obviously can't - as its soap. The soap contains cassie absolute which is comforting and fruity, benzoin resinoid which is warming and sweetly perfumed and rose absolute which is balancing and restorative.

Snow Fairy
One of my all-time favourites of the Christmas range - I look forward to this every year since I discovered it (which I think was on another bloggers blog). If you love candy floss then you will love this shower gel. The shower gel cleanses hair and body and leaves a lovely perfumed smell lingering behind.

Star Dust
I never bought this last year - I think it was sold out. It's a mixture of rose, vanilla and citrus smells. The bath bomb is interesting in that similar to the Golden Wonder it starts off fixing white foam (like the outer shell) and then there is a lovely blue colour inside with different coloured stars that float on the water. 

The Icing On The Cake Roulade
This is a new product for me - it's a shower smoothie (bar?). You just add some water and then using it like a bar of soap rub it over your body and rinse off. Another citrus-infused product containing fresh orange, lime and lemon peel. It also contains fair trade organic cocoa butter which leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Yog Nog (bath bomb)
Another version of 'yog nog' but in the form of a bath bomb. This leaves your bath a lovely yellow and creamy-white colour. The product contains clove bud oil which is spicy and stimulating, organic shea butter which is great for the skin and soya milk powder which is creamy and softening.

Yog Nog (soap bar)
In the form of a soap - this product is very similar to the above 'Yog Nog' bath bomb. It has clove bud oil which is spicy, warm and stimulating, nutmeg powder which is warming and spicy too and it also has soya milk yoghurt which is creamy and moisturising. 


That's everything I bought this year ... nearly the whole shop. Apologies the post was so long.

If you want to order any or want to check out their Christmas products then you can go to their website HERE.

Let me know in the comments if you have bought anything or if you enjoyed something in particular.

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