Friday 6 November 2015

#BEDN | Friday Night In

Hey everyone :)

It's Day 5 of #BEDN and the last day of my holiday - I can't believe the week has gone so quick.

Today's topic is 'Friday Night In' and this is a favourite of mine. The week is over and you can chill out and relax. Some people might still go out and get crazy drunk and have a ranging hangover the next morning but I'm passed all that now - you could say I'm 'old' haha!

A night in front of the television (as boring as that might sound) is just as good in my eyes - I took out a Netflix subscription a good few years ago now and I'm had it ever since.

When I first started using Netflix it was only to watch a couple of shows and then I used it less frequently because there wasn't much choice when it started. However now that its become more popular they have expanded their library and are constantly adding new things each day.

The service varies in price and depends when you joined. I think I pay £6.99 a month which lets me watch in HD and two people can use my account (so me and one other person). However the price I think went up to £7.99 a few months ago however because I had my subscription already they let people keep the price they were paying - if I was to cancel and re-join I would go up to £7.99.

As I said prices could be different so be sure to check before you sign up/agree to anything. I do highly recommend it though. You can also get the American Netflix version (you can do a trick where you make your browser think you are in America when really you are not) and it gives you access to the American library which I think is about 10 times the size of the UK library. If you Google it - you can find out how to do it - I won't promote it on my blog though as I don't know if its illegal or not.

I'm currently watching:

> Once Upon a Time
> How to Get Away with Murder

Both are available to watch on Neflix and are really amazing!

While watching Netflix - I also enjoy ordering pizza, eating snacks and popcorn.

Let me know in the comments what you do on a Friday Night In (or any night really).

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