Wednesday 18 November 2015

The Graze 'Best of the USA' Box

Hey everyone :)

So by now you will all know that I love Graze - I've gone on enough about it and recently they revealed a 'Best of the USA' box and so obviously I had to get my hands on one straight away.

Just a little heads up ... the box was supposed to be their 'Best of the USA' version however they sent the wrong one (their autumn version) and actually sent a nice email apologising and sending out another box ... which again came in the wrong version (the autumn one again), so third time lucky they credited my account with a free box ... which I need to redeem :)

I found the whole thing funny ... it might have happened to more people than me ... anyway ... I thought I'd just mention it incase you wonder why the box on their website doesn't match my box in the pictures below.

As you can see lovely 'Autumn' box ... I really loved the design this year.

Inside you are greeted with some lovely pumpkins and the information card and the snacks.

First snack we have is the 'new york everything bagel' these were salty and I'm a sucker for anything salty. 

Second snack was 'ranch kern pops' these I thought were rather unusual as 'kern pops' in the UK are not a normal thing. They were very flavourful and tasted great. 

Third snack was stars and stripes which I thought was an odd combination snack but reminded me of the penny sweet bags we used to get as kids. It had blueberry infused cranberries, blackcurrant fruit stars and raspberry fruit strings - yummy!

Fourth snack was 'campfire s'mores' which were by far my favourite. Full of chocolate buttons, sponge drops and mini marshmallows - a kids dream (or an adults :P).

How about you? Do you enjoy Graze boxes? Do you get a subscription? Do you think it's a good idea?

Let me know in the comments below.

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