Friday 3 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 1 - Lottery

If you won the lottery you'd ...

glass money bowl

> I would pay off my mum and dad's mortgage for them since I spent around 16 years in that house. (most people would probably do this one, yes?)

> I would probably give my parents some of the money so they were well looked after.

> Probably give some to my brother, or maybe make a trust fund for him as he'd blow through it in a week :S

> I've always wanted to design and build my own house (not myself) but I'd love to hire an architect and get them to design a house with my input of course and then get it built, obviously after finding the right piece of land first :)

> Invest in a couple of companies or buy some shares so I get an income coming in from that - I mean the money isn't going to last forever ...

> Property Investment perhaps? But I never know if its a good time to invest or a bad time to invest ... obviously I'd look into that first.

> Go on a few holidays - perhaps a round the world trip. I've always wanted to go to New York, China, Canada and the US (so really everywhere)

> Possibly buy a couple of houses abroad somewhere - one in a hot country and one in a cold country so the other half can snowboard/ski.

> Possibly hold a couple of charity events and donate money to charity - there are some really great causes out there.

That's all I can really think off ... I bet there are tons more that I'll think about once I've posted this blog.

Let me know if any of mine are similar to yours ...?

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