Monday 6 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 6 - 10 Things

10 things I'd tell myself when I started blogging ...

blogtober, october 2014

I've only been blogging since June so I feel like a bit of a fake when posting about this as I think maybe this post is more for an experienced blogger of two or three years? (I might be wrong) but things I've picked up or thought about would be:

1. Blogging is fun - don't stress, enjoy yourself.

2. Always tell the truth - people will respect you more for an honest review of something.

3. Respond to other blogger's comments - it will go along way in the future and it's nice to respond to people.

4. Pictures speak a thousand words - have you ever heard this saying? - I remember reading a blog post about blog posts (funny I know) and the main rule they mentioned - 'ensure each blog post has a picture' mainly because a picture can say things that you can't get across in text.

5. Consistency matters - this is quite important - it's good for a blogger to adapt a style - for example I always finish my blog with my signature 'ShoutJohn' which is an image I created on a signature website and underneath that is my links to my social networks. The pictures I add - are always in the middle and always the medium size - as I feel that fits my blog perfectly.

6. Get a URL - when you first start your blog (on blogger) you get a personal URL but it has the blogspot part added to it. You can like many others purchase a domain name and use that (for example mine is - this cost me: £2.99 a for a year. That was from GoDaddy's website ... they are pretty cheap and always have deals running.

7. Blog design - You want a design that is going to catch they eye of your readers and that is friendly and welcoming. I used a few free ones when I first started out, but I bought one recently from a website which I love.

8. Put the work in - Some people think blogging is easy (maybe it is for some people) but I like to put time and work into researching a topic I want to blog about. If I'm doing a blog about skin care and about a product I'll use that product for a couple of weeks so that I can truthfully blog about it.

9. Put thought in - similar to above - put thought into your posts and plan ahead - any ideas that pop into your head - jot them down, or make a note on your phone or todo list or something so you don't forget. And don't rush a post ... take time ... people will appreciate a well worded and thorough post, to a rushed and quick post.

10. And lastly - its your blog - write what you want, it's your blog, your voice and your decision ... don't follow the heard (or other bloggers)

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