Tuesday 21 October 2014

LUSH Christmas Haul

lush christmas stock

I feel I am skipping Halloween and moving straight into Christmas with this blog post! But Lush have just released their amazing Christmas range and it's too good not to blog about. I probably could have done a Lush Halloween blog, and a Christmas one but I noticed they only have a couple Halloween-themed items and lots of Christmas items so I opted for Christmas :D

I don't know how I ended up buying them all if I'm honest ... I thought about going to the shop but I had a random look through their website (check it out here) just to see what I wanted before I went to the shop and then next thing my credit card took a hit and I got these beauties a few days later.

I won't blog about each individual item as we'd be here for days - so I have picked out a few favourites and I'll leave the rest to your imagination!

lush product

From left to right ...

Dashing Santa | Lush - the first item on the far left is the 'Dashing Santa' - as soon as you pop him in the water he fizzes and shoots all over the bath tub (hence the name 'Dashing Santa'). The main ingredients in this item are Bergamot Oil and Mandarin Oil - both are good for giving shine to hair and can be used to help clear oily/greasy skin. They are also used to by aromatherapists to help treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). For £2.75 this is a great buy.

Golden Wonder | Lush - the second item (in the middle) is the 'Golden Wonder. This is by far my favourite bath bomb from the Christmas range - when you place it in the bath - you think its going to be glittery and yellow - which is it, until the present breaks open and explodes with blue colour filling your bath with yellow-blue-glittery water! The two main ingredients for this bath bomb are lime oil - which helps to cleanse and tone and helps with circulation and and sweet orange oil - which has a happy, uplifting scent and helps with the immune system - Another fun thing is when you shake it before you put it in the bath - you can hear a bell too! (It's the small things). This one is a little more expensive at £3.75.

Snow Angel | Lush - the third item (on the right) unlike the other two is not a bath bomb, but a bath melt. These are slightly different as in there not too crazy when you put them in the water they just float around and melt into the water. This one leaves a yellow, golden, silvery colour and the water feels quite silky when you get into it. A couple of ingredients in this are cocoa butter - which is used in a variety of products in Lush and is known for its moisturising and softening properties, it is also known to relieve dry and itchy skin. There is also rose absolute in this melt which I think is mostly for the fragrance but its smells amazing - like you are in a field full of flowers on a warm summery day. This one is in the same price range as the Golden Wonder but a little more at £3.95 but well worth it if you want a soothing and relaxing soak in the tub.

As I said and from the picture you can probably tell I bought a lot from Lush and I won't go on and on ... but here is a list of what I bought and links to them if you want to check out any more info on Lush's website which is great and very informative.

1. Golden Wonder (bath bomb)
2. Dashing Santa (bath bomb)
3. Snow Fairy (shower gel)
4. First Snow (body dust powder)
5. Snow Angel (bath melt)
6. The Melting Snowman (bath melt)
7. Holly Golightly (bubble bar)
8. The Christmas Hedgehog (bubble bar)
9. The Christmas Penguin (bubble bar)
10. Candy Mountain (bubble bar)
11. Father Christmas (bath bomb)
12. Shoot for the Stars (bath bomb)
13. Luxury Lush Pad (bath bomb)

Anyway let me know if you have already bought some or all of these and what ones you enjoyed!

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